Hanging with Jamie Flatters

Some of the folks in the UK who’ve been checking out our homepage or Insta might recognise one of our latest models but perhaps can’t quite place him - particularly if you spend much time in front of the telly with youngsters. That’s because he’s the newly grown-up Jamie Flatters, who’s known to a generation of young Brits as Matt Furnish on CBBC’s So Awkward. For those who aren’t familiar with the series, it’s a sitcom about a group of socially awkward 13 year-old school kids, and it’s actually super entertaining whatever your age because we can easily relate to the characters and situations, having all been to school ourselves. 

So when we discovered that the 16 year-old Jamie is one wavy looking fella these days who happens to be a fan of what we do, we jumped at the opportunity to snap him in some of our gear! We also racked his brains about the things he’s up to, and into, lately.

Your TV character, Matt, seems to be insanely popular. What is it about him that viewers love so much?

Even though he's the popular character, he speaks to anybody so he comes across as a chilled guy who’s really approachable. He's also a bit stupid, which makes people root for him. 

Yeah, that sounds like our type of geezer! We couldn't help but notice just how many adoring female fans you have on Insta. Do you actually read all their comments? And does it affect you what they're saying?

Yeah I read a lot of the comments, but not as much as I used to. Nearly all the comments are positive, so it affects me in the sense that I appreciate what I'm doing a lot more and want to please the people that support me. 

One thing that’s definitely pleasing them is how you’ve blossomed of late haha! Like many dudes at 16, it's pretty striking how much you've changed on the outside. But what about the inside? Is there a different side to your persona that you'll be sharing with the public?

I would say that I don't take myself as seriously anymore, so expect a lot more banter. And in a weird way I see the world a lot differently, as if it's mine for the taking, which I think is what defines being young. 

Totally. In terms of your career, what have you been up to since starring in So Awkward and where do you see yourself going?

I've been focused on acting and I'm blessed to say that I'll be back on your TV screens soon. This business is so unpredictable that I don't know where I'll end up, but I know that I want to be in multiple hit films - that's the dream. 

And with an all new identity, no doubt! Actually, how you dress can play a big part in defining that identity as you enter young adulthood. What is it about WWYF clothes that vibes with you at this stage in your life?

WWYF does what it says in the title (Wear What You Feel). It's all about being comfortable in what you wear… and nothing's more comfortable than those cargos! I think it's important for a teenager to be confident in their style, and WWYF allows that. WWYF get it. 

We like to think we kinda get it, so that’s great to hear! Anyway, why don’t we finish this off with some totally random questions… What food can you not get enough of at the moment?

BURRITOS ARE THE SHIT! I couldn't live without them. There's a banging burrito van near the South Bank that is literally heaven, so if you’re ever down there, you know what to do.

We have a feeling a certain section of the female population is gonna start hanging around the South Bank a lot more often! So when you’re at home, what are you loving on the telly these days? 

From Bake Off to Breaking Bad I watch it all, but I've recently been watching Friends non stop on repeat!

And which artists are on heavy rotation on your smartphone?

Frank Ocean has been banged out - especially Self Control. Although I still haven't got over Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book - it's like my bible. But aside from the mainstream stuff, Little Simz and Loyle Carner are doing bits!

If you could visit any place in the world, where would that be?

I'd love to visit the Philippines, but most of all space!

The legendary Imelda Marcos shoe collection beckons haha! And on the subject of shoes, what’s your favourite item of footwear?

This is something that is constantly changing. At the moment it has to be the Nike 95's that go perfectly with that baggy trouser look. 

Awww man, you’re right - that’s a sick look! In fact, we can see it now - you in your 95s and WWYF cargos, running fast along the South Bank, burrito in hand, and a pack of screaming fans in hot pursuit!

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