Hanging with Ojerime

As lovers of all things smooth, minimal and 90s, we couldn't help but fall for the sensual sounds of Ojerime from the moment we first heard her voice murmuring seductively over those gentle 808 beats. A young rising star in the British R&B scene, you might not have heard her name yet, but it's definitely one you need to know!

We recently hung out with Ojerime at our studio, played a bit of dress-up (check her out in our denim/camo combo!) and got talking about her art. 

Who or what are your influences?

My biggest music influences stem from 90s/00s R&B/hip hop and pop music and culture. My whole household was mad about music growing up so it followed me. My modern music influences are Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Big K.R.I.T., Mick Jenkins, Jazmine Sullivan and so many more. 

The production on your music and visuals is super slick. Can you tell us about your creative team?

My creative visual team for a long time was Dir. Lx and myself. Recently we've started working with lifestyle photographer, Dej, who is an old school friend of mine - he is in charge of stills and BTS shots, Lx is on the D.O.P/Director end of things and I'm the creative director/branding.

In terms of musical production, my go-to producers are always EVNS and Eremsy, the two 'E's, they just get it. I don't have to guide or direct them, they are unapologetically themselves with their musical styles so I'm riding their wave. I also have my boy 3:20, who is another producer I'm newly working with. We get along so well, so I can't wait until we produce more music together... his sound is more electronic, which I love. And lastly there is Josh, who works alongside 3:20 to mix and master my tracks. We started working earlier this year to get fang2001 ready. My team isn't massive, we're just a group of organised friends gearing everything we do to look its best. 

And do you yourself get heavily involved in the whole look and feel of things?

I work as the project manager, so I'm involved in the styling, casting, location, final image edits, video treatments, visual direction and many other things. As any other independent artist will say, you tend to wear many creative hats. I even went as far as creating the digital photo book that came with the 'fang2001' EP. I'm more than happy with the outcome of that. These skills are so useful, as I'll know in the future what I want if my team becomes larger and I employ someone to do these things.

Like you, a lot of young women out there are digging WWYF menswear. What is it about WWYF that appeals to you most?

The quality of WWYF is unmatched and especially at this price. What stood out to me the most was the 90s cut on a lot of your garments. Sometimes the high street attempt this style and it's not quite right. The prints, colours and fit are all things I would wear. Being a natural born tomboy I was excited when I discovered you and even more so when I found out you're London based (cheaper delivery haha)! 

What can Ojerime fans look forward to in the coming season/year?

I won't say too much, but you can look out for new visuals from me, as always! I'm always dropping surprises, so I'd just say pay close attention to my socials.

Ooh then we'll keep our traps shut too (given that we've had a little secret glimpse of what's to come)... In the meantime, have a puff, dim the lights and check out this stunning video for Lights Out - a soft, sultry tune we simply can't get out of our heads at the moment!

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