Rave Roots Revisited


Our obsession with comfortable, baggy, simple, unisex clothing started with the birth of rave culture - as does our yearning for a pure sweet high shared among kindred spirits.

This was the essence of the Summer of Love in 1989, when "orbital parties" were held in locations off Britain's M25 motorway, uniting ravers in the common pursuit of pleasure. Unfortunately, the scene didn't last long before it was stamped out by the authorities, but the vibe quickly spread across the globe, as the rave bug travelled from Goa to Sydney, California to British Columbia, and so on through the 90s, not forgetting Ibiza, of course!

As ravers at heart forever, it made perfect sense to call our brand "Wear What You Feel", as this was the fashion ethos that dominated the scene. Girls and guys dressed the same, and it wasn't about status or sex appeal, but relaxed comfort and freedom to move, to sweat and to party through the night and day. 

Check out this little video we put together to see exactly what we mean... We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed editing it!


Video: Footage from Sunrise & Back to the Future rave (UK, 1989) edited to Mission Control "Outta Limits", Shelter Mix (1994)

Cover photo: Happy Valley rave (Sydney, 1991)