Rave on!

The British rave scene in the late 80s/early 90s is an endless source of fashion inspiration for us here at WWYF. Also known as the Summer of Love, it was a hedonistic time when house music was fresh and exciting, quality drugs took the place of alcohol, hence the loved up vibe, and clothes were baggy, bright and easy.

We're no strangers to an awesome knees-up, from underground squat parties in East London to open air raves in British Columbia. But we'd give anything to be able to step into a time machine and transport ourselves to one particular field in the British countryside back in 1989.

Sometimes we get to the weekend all pumped up and ready to hit the town, then we decide to have a little puff, put on this vid, and end up dancing around the living room instead of going out... Go on, give it a try!


But dudes, before we forget, have you got all your raver wardrobe basics? Here are some of our top picks (and each of these is available in a range of additional colours)... click pic to shop: